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Dyeing Division Products

Dyeing Division Products Manufacturers

With over 35 years of experience in dyeing Flora Dyeing House is one of the biggest and prominent manufacturers of dyed yarns. The range of our products includes all counts of:

  • Cotton
  • Modal
  • Viscose
  • Cotton modal
  • Cotton viscose
  • Spun polyester
  • Polyester cotton
  • Polyester viscose
  • Cotton linen
  • 100% linen
  • Acrylic

Dyed Cotton Yarn

Cotton has been man’s chosen material of clothing from time immemorial. Through the ages this material has undergone many changes and methods of..


Dyed Modal Yarn

The Dyed Modal yarn is a semi synthetic cellulose yarn made from the birch tree. It is the closest to natural cotton fibre in that it is the same soft..


Viscose Dyed Yarn

Viscose is a fibre created by chemically dissolving wood pulp and spinning the pulp into yarn. Though used creating a chemical product, the yarn is so..


Dyed Cotton Modal Yarn

Cotton is a natural material which is soft and flexible. Modal is a natural man made material which is durable and strong. When these two meet in a ya..


Dyed Spun Polyester Yarn

Polyester is a chemically processed fibre which is a by-product of plants and synthetic cultivation. Due to its artificially made structure, this yarn..


Dyed Polyester Cotton Yarn

Polyester is a chemically made artificial yet strong and durable material whereas cotton’s properties are that it is soft and flexible. Together..


Dyed Polyester Viscose Yarn

Viscose is a fibre made from chemically treating the pulp of a tree. Polyester is a synthetic fibre. When these two combine, the resulting yarn is sup..


Dyed Cotton Linen Yarn

Both fibres, cotton and linen, are derived from plants. One from the cotton plant and the other from the flax plant. While cotton fibres are strong, f..


Dyed 100% Linen Yarn

Linen is a yarn made from the fibres of flax plants. It is one of the oldest and most expensive yarn in the world. Weavers in ancient cultures discove..


Dyed Acrylic Yarn

Acrylic yarn is made from fibres of a long chain of synthetic polymers. The main advantage of this fibre is its moisture management quality. With the ..


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